Here at Seraphim Theatrical Entertainment, we believe the community of Rapid City and the surrounding areas is bursting with talent. One area of talent that we feel is deeply neglected is that of individuals being able to share their own work in the scriptwriting field. 

Spotlight Productions is an opportunity for individuals who have written scripts to see their vision come to life onstage. Each season, Seraphim would love to help produce one locally written play. Individuals may submit their script/scripts for consideration by email or by dropping off a paper copy with Seraphim. 

The author will be given full creative control as the director and on set, costumes, casting, and the like, as long as it fits within the budget and the abilities of our theater. Seraphim will remain as the executive producer and work along side the director trying it's very best to help see their story be told.

Seraphim's choices for Spotlight Productions will be decided on by Stephen and Bridgett, and will be kept within the deciding perimeters of family friendly, artistic value, moral validity and message. Shows must promote the art and magic of theater, entertain, inspire, both actor and audience members alike. This idea has been done very successfully in Hollywood in shows such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Men In Black Black, Despicable Me, The Princess Bride, Hook, Lord of the Rings and the list goes on. We will never produce a show that is overly racy or just plain crude for the sake of cheap laughs and shock value.