Here at Seraphim we offer a wide variety of Party Entertainment. Whether your littlest child would love to invite a Pretty Princess or Dashing Prince to their party or your teen wants a wild night filled with hysterical games for their guests to participate in, we organize and plan the Party to specifically fit your needs.

Tea Parties

     Cheers! Invite your guests to a charming Tea Party. Whether your guests come dressed up or dress up in clothes from our fashion trunk, everyone can pretend to be posh as they raise their tea cups high! 
     Add an Adventure in Wonderland Twist on your Tea Party!Alice and The Mad Hatter will host a Mad Tea Party where Up is Down, Right is Left and It is sure to be someone's Birthday! Unique drinks and themed treats will compliment the party along with spontaneous oddities and can only be possible in Wonderland! 


Special Guests


     For many young children having a special character at their party is the highlight for years to come! A special guest of their choosing may be invited to their party.  This guest and their partner/sidekick can tell stories about their adventures, read aloud to the children from a storybook, teach the kids a special dance or play a few improv games based around the character and of course take pictures with all the guests. The Character will also bring a very special gift for the birthday boy or girl! Make sure their next party is one they will remember for years to come!


*Specialized invitations are available for your child's party in sets for 10 guests*

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