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"Searchers of the Black Death"


Audition Time: SEPTEMBER 12th & 13th 6:30pm

Horror / Interactive Thriller

From the makers of Jabberwock Asylum & Reveiller Nightsong, comes a new INTERACTIVE THRILLER!

~London, 1665 during the the great plague and the arrival of the mysterious and frightening "Plague Doctors". This is a very fun Halloween creep show! Rated PG-13~

Written and Directed by Stephen Farruggia.

Up to 13 roles available for Men, Women and Children aged 12+ 

These shows require actors to be comfortable with audience some interaction, the use of fake blood, screaming and displaying a high level of emotions for the duration of the show.

~A Christmas Carol~

Audition Time: October 28th & 29th



~Seraphim Theatre's annual tradition brings the classic tale written by Charles Dickens to life. This adaptation fallows very closely to the book and fallows Ebenezer Scrooge through his past, present and future towards redemption.~

Written by Stephen Farruggia.

This year all the roles have been opened for re-casting! Men, Women and Children of all ages are encouraged to audition.

For more information call 605-545-4807

"Jeeves Intervenes"

Adapted by Margaret Raether

Audition Time: February  24th & 25th



"1920s high-society London is once again thrown into chaos by hapless playboy Bertie Wooster, this time in cahoots with his old school chum Eustace Bassington-Bassington. The two hatch a brilliant plan to dupe their meddling relatives in order to save Bertie from an undesired marriage and Eustace from an unwanted job in India. But will the ever-faithful manservant Jeeves be able to rescue these bumbling fools from themselves? A delightful romp full of deception and disguise."

Roles Available For

4 Adult Men, 2 Adult Women

For more information call 605-545-4807

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