Christmas Carol.jpg

 Charles Dickens'
"A Christmas Carol"

Adapted by Stephen Farruggia

The Seraphim Theatre holiday tradition brings you this classic Christmas tale by Charles Dickens to life for its 8th consecutive year. This original theatrical adaptation brings the story back to its source material in the honor of keeping the Dickens literary classic intact. It dramatically emphasizes not only the true meaning of the season, but also the profound importance of a life rich in love, compassion and hope.


~On the eve of Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge finds himself given one last chance at redemption from a life filled with regret, greed and a closed heart. The dramatic journey through his painful life brings Scrooge face to face with the truth of himself and moments he would rather forget. Ebenezer Scrooge is shown that in the end, he is held accountable for his actions, and more so for precious moments in life he allowed to slip away.~

Directed By: David Scott

Show Dates: December 16th-20th

Evening Shows 7:30pm/ Sunday Matinee Show 2pm

Tickets: $17 Adult / $10 Child under 10